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Happy people have no stories

24 December
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I'm Not Drunk!

Incomplete Favourites

Malcolm Mc Dowel,Kiefer Sutherland,Donald Sutherland,Gwyneth Paltrow,Ben Stiller,Gene Hackman,Winona Ryder,Edward Norton,Robert Carlyle,Brendan Gleeson,Johny Depp,Terry Gilliam,John Cleese,Uma Thurman,Θανασης Βεγγος,John Travolta,Emilio Estevez,Matt Dillon,
Gary Oldman,Ed Harris,Ray Liota,Robert de Niro,Steve Martin,Al Pacino,Christopher Walken,Harvey Keitel,Harry Dean Stanton,Robert Duval,Dennis Hopper,Clint Eastwood,Ewan Mc Gregor,Jamie Lee Curtis,Robert downey jr,Willem Dafoe,Michael Caine,Vincent Cassel,John Goodman,Λάμπρος Κωνσταντάρας,Νίκος Σταυρίδης,Δημήτρης Νικολαιδης,Shannen Doherty.

A clockwork orange,The strawberry statement,Suburbia,1969,The Decline of the western civilization,The return of the living dead,Fear and loathing in las Vegas,Requiem for a dream,Permanent vacation,Mystery train,Fight club,Get Carter,One flew over cuckoo`s nest,Trainspotting,Twin Town,Edward Scissorhands,Pulp Fiction,Repo Man,Outsiders,Good Fellas,Apocalypse now,Oh! brother where art thou,Full metal jacket,Platoon,Easy Rider,Natural Born killers,Snatch,The life of brian,Monty python and the holy grail,The meaning of life,The Wild bunch,Once upon the time in the west,The good the bad and the ugly,A fistful of dollars,Flatliners,Kafka,Less than zero,L.a. story,State Of Grace,Missisipi`s burning,Leon,Le Haine,Donnie Brasco,Ghost World,The General,Bloody Sunday,The Commitments,The royal tennenbaums

Alex Cox,Jim Jarmusch,Oliver stone,Penelope Spheeris,Terry Gilliam,Coen brothers

Boris Vian,JD Salinger,Aldus Huxley,Julius Vern,George Orwell,Bret Easton ellis,Irvin Welsh,Jack Kerouac

Active Minds,Astakask,Astral Projection,Bad Brains,Bad religion,Bauhaus,Beastie Boys,BlackHouse,Blood Or Whiskey,Bobby Gaylor,Bright Eyes,Carter the unstoppable sex machine,Chumbawamba,Circle Jerks,Damned,Dead Boys,Dead Kennedys,Deus Ex Macina,Die Psalma,Disorder,Elvis Costello,Ennio Morricone,Fear,Fun Lovin Criminals,G.B.H.,Guadalcanal Diary,House Of Pain,Ignite,Inspiral Carpets,Iron Maiden,Jesus and mary chain,Joy division,Juno Reactor,Les Thugs,Lime Spiders,Man With No Name,Mano Negra,Mary Prankster,Massive Attack,Metallica,Misfits,Modest Mouse,Morphine,Motorhead,New Model Army,Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds,Nick Drake,Noir Desir,Oi Polloi,Panx romana,Pere Ubu,Pixies,Pop Will Eat Itself,Radio Birdman,Ramones,Sex pistols,Sinead O`Connor,Sisters Of Mercy,Social Distortion,Soulwax,Squirrel Nut Zippers,Snapcase,Stiff little fingers,Strebers,Tarnfarbe,Terrorvision,The Chameleons,The Clash,The Cramps,The Dream Syndicate,The Ex,The Gun Club,The Hearthrobs,The Pogues,The Velvet Underground,Therapy?,Thin White Rope,Tom Waits,Tsunami Bomb,U2,Underworld,Venom,Violent Femmes,Wasteland,Zounds,Γκουλαγκ,Εκτος ελεγχου,Εν Πλω,Ηταν Ειναι Και Θα Ειναι,Ναυτια.

Things I Hate:
cheese,posers,shithead customers,most people I have to talk to,greek people who think they`re famous,greek taxi drivers,tequila,nazi scum,political parties,bullshit,liars,people who do not bother if you are bored,having kids,that I did not left Greece for good, lack of free time,Olympiakos F.C.,cockroaches,mosquitos,Panionios F.C.,Proodeftikh,Iwnikos,flys.

abandoned buildings, alcohol, amsterdam, athens city, bacardi breezer, belgium, berlin, black september, cats, cities, city landscapes, comics, cooking, cynicism, derry, dominos flambee pizza, drugs, eire, emotional imbalance, eza-beers.gr in the sun, female singers, food, fun, gigs, girl bandmembers, guinness beer, hamburger s.v., hardcore gidia, hating cheese, hating people, ireland, liverpool f.c., lost in thoughts, marathon beach, marathon tomb, memories` attack, mixcds, mojo magazine, movieskarmologyclinichaventwatched, my nightmares, mythbusters, newcastle brown ale, palm beer, panathinaikos f.c., portable refrigerator, punk, q.p.r., record store owning, roma, self sarcasm, serifos, soundtracks, squats, staying at home, stayingwhereifeelcomfortable, thanasis alexopoulos explosion, thavingcdsintheammos, trash t.v., travelling, uncut magazine, whiskey, Όχι άλλο καρβουνο, Ανιτα Πανια, Καναπες εντερτεινμεντ, βοσκοgo8, ημαλακιαναπηγαινεισυννεφο, μποστάνι-making technique